Saturday, November 2, 2013

Repainting a wood carved Muskie at Vermilion Bay Lodge 2003

During the spring of 2003 I was contacted by e-mail through my old website
Nature Artists by Gord Bastable of Vermilion Bay Lodge. He was needing a talented wood carving artist to repaint his Large wood Carved Muskie.
I had read about Gord Bastable and Eagle Lake from a couple of articles by Burton Myers in 1998 Ontario Out of Doors magazine.
This carving was created by Bill Sitter of Illinois USA.
Gord had commissioned him to create a replica to represent a giant muskie caught October 1940 byAmerican Ed Walden from Eagle Lakein the Vermilion Bay area. The fish was a Canadain Record at that timelength 59inches, girth 31inches and a weight of 61 pounds 9 ounces.
Gord had taken the carving to a few sportsman showsthe previous winter an was amazed by the less than positive comments by the public.
I wasinvited up to the lodge to work on recarving and painting and share a week at the lodge and enjoy the areas assorted fishing and sight seeing. His letter reads. "Would be happy to have you and Diane come upthe last week of Aug. 2003. I will have a cabin available . I hopeto take you out in the cedar-strip boat myself for a littlre musky fishing. The wood musky looks forward toa new tail and paint job."
My wife Diane was unavailable for the trip. I invited my fishing friend Jim Elie and his son Mark along instead during the last week of August. We did go and enjoy some guided muskie fishing with Gord in his wooden boat, none were caught. Many were seen following. Gord was alostshoulderedout of the wayby Jim when he had a muskief ollow up to the side of the boat.
These are photographs that Gord Bastable took of the progress of  re-carving and re-painting the Giant"Ed Walden"Muskie. It's on display in the lodge for all to admire.
Who knows if another muskie of this size or larger is swimming in Eagle Lake today?

                                             Sanding and reshaping the tail and anal fin .
                           Starting to repaint the marking pattern on both sides of the big carving.

                                 Brushing on the clear coaton the finished refurbished muskie.

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