Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Revisiting Moose in the City

This is my Island Ferry Moose. It was inspired by a sighting of a Bull moose with antlers in Algonquin Park. I used the shape of the moose as water with a variety of different freshwater fish swimming through it.

This is my Film Festival Moose complete with a giant pair of sunglasses. The design includes lots of brightly coloured movie film wrapped around the moose.The final auction bid for this moose was a little over $10,000

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Northern Pike ready for it's close up

My close up photo of the northern pike was made possible by having my fishing buddy Eduardo
catch the fish in the Bluffers Marina of Toronto. It was caught on my homemade double blade spinners .
I'm amazed how clear and detail filled the photo appears.
The fish was released immediately after it was caught!
Photography copyright 2014 Charles Weiss

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Giant Muskie found in Southern Ontario

Giant Muskie found in Southern Ontario.
I Charles Weiss created this as my own project in art class .It features a head made from clay a body made from layers of styrofoam and all the fins are cut from flexible plastic with fin rays made from string. The whole sculpture was painted with acrylic adding each scale and marking. Finished with a large glass eye. It was featured in the spring 1990 Canadian Sportfishing Magazine!
I was inpired by photographs and articles in Ontario Out of Doors magazine of Ken OBrien's and Gary Ishi's giant muskies from the Moon River.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Superfan Comic Convention in Toronto

Super Fan Comic Convention, 
C. Weiss and the almost life size Mayor Rob Ford holding up Funny Mayor Ford Posters

Mike Smith and Hector Valladerres

Mike Smith and C. Weiss posing with the zany Mayor Ford Cut Out.

Setting up the #1218 booth
Bat Mobile

New York Yankee Baseball caricature portraits

Quebec City Superwoman, Maris Claude Bourbonnais with large breasts

Silver Elvis visits the Mayor Rob Ford Cut Out

Zombie BIT ME as a RED

ZOMBIE Bit Me as a  Brunette with her "special weapon".

Solida as  Wonder Woman in a Caricature Portrait

Friday, May 9, 2014

Case of the Curious Muskie, Artwork copyright Charles Weiss 2014

Muskie fishing can be exciting visually. The following muskie I drew in this diagram is following a "walk the gog" lure retrieved on the surface.

The Muskies on Main. Main Street Kenora, Ontario. Look for the many varieties of carvings and replicas during this Summer!

 My Zany Muskietoons. The wonderful muskie is an inspiration to my cartoonist/ fisherman mind.

Herkie Jerkie makes a special guest appearance near the surface of a muskies strikezone. Coloured pencil drawing titled; "Tiger Muskie gets a close look"