Monday, September 28, 2015

Lures Progress , wood and plastic crankbaits primed and ready for painting

Finished with epoxy and hooks and split rings added.BATTLE READY!

Primed and ready for painting.  These lures are from Kyle Johnston's lure company, Johnston lures of Fort Erie, Ontario,  Canada. Enamel and acrylic paint brushed on. I created a variety of natural fish patterns. Crankbait lures on left are wood plastic hollow molded designs on right. 

AI started by painting with a small detail brush.. bright gold for the iris colour of the eyes.and black enamel paint. for the fishy patterns of large scales and spots.

Brushed on light yellow acrylic on the belly with zesty orange details.

Sprayed transparent purple on top surface of lure.

Shad coloured with light green detials.

The smaller design at the top looks like a frog . the larger bottom design has a sucker pattern with a cats eye diamond pupil..

This wood lure looks menacing  with a "evil" eve.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Big Salmon carving

Close up of head of finished salmon wood carving.

finished painted Fall Salmon (Chinook)
Layers of pine boards are stacked up. Added adipose, tail,vent and dorsal fins.36 INCHES / 92 CM LENGTH.

More glued layers and shaping of body. 20 INCHES/ 50 CM GIRTH

Finished shaping body. All fins glued in place.

Caricatures portraits by Chuck in Downtown Toronto

Zany caricature of 4 smiling lovely ladies.
Dark and beautiful!Also talented in the baking department!
A couple of young ladies who enjoy drinking and dancing. They look good while doing it too!
These to ladies were drinking and winning prizes all at one time! Thanks Stella Artois!

Artist Chuck is waiting to draw the next patron of Milestones.

Three friendly faces in one caricature! Looks like a beverage inspired portrait!

Zany portrait of two young women travelling through the friendly skies!
Super smiles and a drink in hand while surfing is the perfect pose for their caricature portrait.