Friday, March 23, 2012

New lure promotion Artwork

ARTWORK COPYRIGHT Charles Weiss 2012
The Gerke's Jerkies
This is cool looking design I created for Gregg Gerke's Fishing Lure Company.The lure on the right is a glide bait design,  called the E Zee ZZ. I think it's made from cedar wood. The lure on the left is a  balsa wood surface disturbing design, similar to a "walk-the -dog"design top water. They were originally designed by Bill Crane in West Virginia. They both have the black Perch pattern paint. The E ZeeZZ is in the mouth of the muskie in the artwork.

This is a new promotion for the Rattling Sound Cobb's Lure.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Colour Me Blue, 2nd Place Winner

This is my shining design moment. I won Second Place in the Toronto Star Colour Me Blue contest!
I've put my original sketchbook painting with the March 13, 2012 published version.