Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Caricature of a DOG by Charles Weiss

Exciting moment of creating a caricature of a DOG for Pet Central / Pet Network Toronto Ontario Canada. The fun part was drawing and keeping a continuous stream of comments in the lively interview.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

St. Lawrence River Fishing with Fishing Fanatics

Trolling with a very Heavy Duty rod holder system.

Fall November coloured shoreline and sky.

Scratched and scarred favourite lure that catches Big Muskie for Dave Curtis and Friends.

Sonar shows depth and numbers of red fish spots on screen.

Diane the Fishing Fanatic with her large Northern pike she caught and released.

Chuck steering the boat like a "captain of the river" or as they say "Jesus" take the wheel.
Also, showing the big lure Diane caught her big pike with, A NIL MASTER "INVINCIBLE"!

Fishing Fanatci Dave Curtis and Charles Weiss holding a giant wood carved muskie 

North wind blowing . Looks perfect for fall pike fishing!

November Light on the last few boats in the marina.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This is My exciting new wood carving of the "Thirsty Pike". 
Gananoque Beer Company called me and asked if I could design a caricature of a Northern Pike drinking a beer. This company is located on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River in the town of Gananoque, Ontario.These are my various designs in my progress to the Finished art.

                                               Artwork Copyright of Charles Weiss 2014

first rough pencil drawing
                                               Artwork Copyright Charles Weiss 2014
Another rough drawing with coloure notes, Black . Green, Gold and white.
                                                Artwork Copyright Charles Weiss 2014
Drawing with bold contrast in the lines.
                                             Art work Copyright Charles Weiss 2014
I like this fine pen and ink drawing. was close to what the beer company wanted .
They wanted more bold contrast and colour.
                                                 Artwork Copyright Charles Weiss 2014
This was a more "sly" looking pike and I used a marker to create this art.
                                                Artwork Copyright Charles Weiss 2014

 First colour painting of the design using acrylic paint on paper.

Finished wood carving "Thirsty Pike".
                                              Artwork Copyright Charles Weiss 2014
The final art with a larger glass of beer and a slightly more alert northern pike.
This art will appear on the tap at the bar to pour "Thirsty Pike" Pilsener beer.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Giant wood carved muskie painting

Dark hookers green wash brushed over the back and dorsal fin.

 This muskellunge project ws very involved with a lot of detail. The carving is a hollow design.
It measured almost the length of a picnic table.
A wash of green was painted over the bodt and fins were painted yellow ochre.
A metallic pearl i then washed over the previous colour. Cross hatching of the scales are drawn on with a coloured pencil crayon

 The markings are brushed on witha large bristle brush.
A mixture of raw umber and hookers green was used to blend in the shapes
Bright metallic gold was added to the back edge of the scales on the side of the head and along the length of the upper body.
Zesty orange was washed over the fins and a mixture of raw umber was used to create markings on the fins.

A clear coat of "Varathane " was added to over the fish body to create the "wet look".

most of thes photos were taken by Diane Robitaille.
Early stage of wood carving with the basic shape cut from the layers of pine boards.

 Close up on the head of the muskie all the teeth are added and the shaping of the mouth and outside of the head is shaped and detailed with electric carver "Dremel".

All the fins have been completed and the body shaping is completed and ready to be primed with "gesso".

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Flaming Paint now offered on wood carved replicas

              Flaming Bass pattern wrapped around a realistic smallmouth bass wood carving 14.5 in. long
                                Tiger Muskie with an expressive flame paint pattern added 38 inches long
                                        Hot Rod Chinook salmon wood carving  32 inches long    $350.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Evening salmon fishing along Scarborough waterfront

 The fading sunset colours and the increased leaping salmon was a wonderful setting for an evening fish along the Scarborough Bluffs waterfront.
I was casting and quickly retreIving a glowing spoon lure all around my area.
A jumping salmon could be seen SPLASHING every five minutes!
 I had a salmon suddenly grab my spoon and with a super heavy leap snap off the lure. It had enough force to open the metal snap! I re-tied a new snap swivel and added a new glow in the dark spoon.
About an hour later around 8 pm another salmon hit my spoon.
Peter scooped up the fish in a ladnding net and Chris held a flashlight high .

The fish was bronze in colour and measured 32 inches. I guess around 10 pounds.

The glow in the dark spoon.

Reflection harbour lights.

Beautiful salmon landed

quick removal of salmon eggs with a sharp fillet knife.

Opening is just large enough to place a hand inside and remove eggs.

First of two sections of eggs removed.

Second section of eggs removed

Mink chasing around the fish laying on the grass hoping for a tasty snack. 
Measuring a big male salmon caught and released by PETER CHANDLER
Almost 42 inches!

Look at the teeth! A RapalA  JOINTED MINNOW CARANKBAIT J18  hooked this bad boy a
long the Scarborough water front.

Peter's super big fish before release back inro the lake.
He estimated that this chinook in it's prime in the summer would have weighed 35 plus pounds, or 12 kilos!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Adventure to Lake of the Woods

Kenora , bus depot waiting for the adventure to begin!
27 hours, 1855 kms each way!

Brent Kruger with an amazing jewel like walleye from Lake of the Woods

Background Steve B.  foreground Brent K, (FISHING MAGICIAN) posing with a walleye fresh caught from secrat walleye hot spot

Steve B. Bass fishing fanatic and the partner of the "Skid Stik" Lure company. He caught this bass on a SKID STIK!

I caught and released this wonderful Northern Pike on a 8 in/ 20 cm long white "skid stik".
 What a fight!
Almost 20 pounds and 42 inches on length

Brent K. posing with the acrylic painting :Surface Muskie Magic"

Curious multi coloured rocky shore of Lake of the Woods.

Walleye fish in the process of being filleted by Brent K.

Brent K. holding Landing Net with the Big Northern Pike!
The hooks fell out of the fishes mouth immediately after it was in the net!

Acrylic on canvas painting of scenery during a rain shower. I like how the rain softens all the reflections.