Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chain Pickerel fishing in Nova Scotia

 This is my quick sketch of a chain pickerel. I stopped at the Natural Resources in Milton by the Mersey River. They suggested the "Barr"ponds on the south edge of Liverpool. I caught two of them on small spinners panther martin and Blue Fox. They measured less than 12 inches/ 30 cm in length and had a shiny pale green colour. Each were caught on the first cast to a new spot along the shoreline. Each flipped off the hook before I could take a photograph of them.
 Shallow weedy ponds were the spot that samll yellow perch and minnows could be seen near shore.

 An osprey nest was a surprise.The two birds flew away with protesting calls as I approached.
Justin's Wood Art provided the chance to see a unique shark wood carving is the only toothy predator I saw along the way to Milton in Nova Scotia. He creates a variety of interesting folk art animals including birds, fish and reptiles.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Challenge of painting an ocean

The wave tossed Atlantic Sea was a challenge to express in acrylic paint.I tried to accurately paint the wave action and the waters edge. People were moving around too much to capture with my brush.. Distant .landmarks were added with a few quick strokes of the brush. The final artwork shows my impression of being there and painting on the spot. I was tempted to splash into the water's edge. That is a real salty experience. Perhaps I'll go back again to the beach and try to express the people too