Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Super Santa Hot Rod Truck

ARTWORK COPYRIGHT Charles Weiss 2013

This is my caricature portrait of Santa's super powered delivery truck!
 I created this drawing with black ink and watercolour paint.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

new brown trout and black crappie wood carvings of fish of progress

These are my new wood fish carvings in progress. The top carving is a black crappie 13 inches/ 35 cm and the bottom carving design is a trout 19 .25 inches/ 46 cm .
Primed with gesso and the cross-hatching of drawn scales.
First washes of acrylic paint, yellow ochre and burnt umber.

This is the finished painting of the two fish wood carvings. A variety of acrylic paint including a wash of iridescent silver.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Old Motorcycle drawing at new exhibition

ARTWORK COPYRIGHT Charles Weiss 2012

This is my old drawing from 30 years ago titled "British Bikes". It will be on exhibit in the Imagination Art Show at Framing Dames in Scarborough, 362 Old Kingston Road. Through NOVEMBER UNTIL THE END OF DECEMBER 2012.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Steve Herbeck the Poacher of Andy Meyers lodge caught in Illegal Wolf Hunts and More!

"Wolf Hunt" problems.
Sometimes they're more trouble than they're worth?

11 PEOPLE including Steve Herbeck FORMER OWNER OF ANDY MEYERS LODGE pleaded guilty to 68 charges and fines totaling $22,000!
Andy Meyers Lodge encouraged guests to hunt wolves without a licence.
Lodge staff would use their own licences to validate the wolf kills.Also, they had guests fish withiut a licence and use more than the allowable amount of fishing rods.
Steve was fined $7,500 and and NOT allowed to hunt in Ontario for 10 YEARS!
 Other staff fined include Steve's son Danny Herbeck, Chris Federman, Randy Bouchard, Calum Ritchie, Tammy Pelletier and Scott Mumford.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trish Stratus a never ending source of caricature inspiration

This is my fun fitness caricature of Trish Stratus. She is smiling and showing her yoga moves!
copyright Charles Weiss 2016 caption

Muskie Christmas cards

Just in time for the old school sending of Christmas cards, with a muskie theme. Every year I send out orders of dozens of these wonderful cards.

Card names, left to right

top row
1. winter muskie over the winter moon
2. Santa's thinking muskie and shovelling snow.
3. Waiting Muskie on Christmas Eve

 second row
1. Santa muskie sleigh
2. Ice fishing Santa suprised
 3. Seasons Greetings Muskie style

bottom row
1.  Santa with a Muskie bucktail pinned to his hat
2. Reindeer adding Christmas Muskie Lures as decoration to Christmas tree
3. Happy Holidays Muskie style

Please, send order to; All shipping is included in the price.
 Charles Weiss
34 Hughey Crescent
Toronto, Ontario
 M1K 2V4

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trout Unlimited Canada Acrylic Painting Donation

These are the progressive photos of the acrylic painting I completed at the Trout Unlimited Canada
Dinner and Auction that was presented at the Metro Convention Centre October 30. 2012.
The final donation over $200. Titled "BROWNIE RISING" 11 in x 14 in acrylic on canvas

Monday, October 29, 2012

How to catch your biggest Muskie, Real Fishing Magazine

This is my Interview style story titled "How to Catch Your Biggest Muskie".
It includes interviews with Muskie anglers and Guides including, John Anderson, Rodel Misa,
Gord Pyzer, Pete Maina, Greg Videki, George Unis, Graham Bistrow and Mark Forabosco.
The ART I created for the story features a portrait of all the interviewed muskie fisherman holding a giant 600 pound Muskie!
Tha art published in the magazine is almost the same size as the original illustration.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wood Carved Smallmouth Bass

The published version of My How to Carve a Smallmouth Bass story will be featured in the 2013 Summer #43 issue of CARVING Magazine!
 This is the drilling of the eye socket for the glass eye. The eye has a red coloured iris.
 The shaping of each fin is detailed with an electric carving tool. The pelvic fin is being finished.
I've drawn with a coloured pencil  the scale cross hatching has been completed

The finished painting of the smallmouth bass.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

McGinty Caricature

ARTWORK COPYRIGHT Charles Weiss 2012
This is my caricature portrait of now-resigned Premier of Ontario Dalton McGinty.

The Chase Begins acrylic painting included in 2013 Musky Hunter Calendar

The recently published 2013 includes my "The Chase Begins" acrylic painting.
It's featured for the month of October .
 It's a scene where the muskie has just arrived at the moment a lure has splashed down.
A few stems of underwater weeds indicate  the lure was cast to the edge of muskies  lair.
 The lure featured is a LEO LURES, old style flat sided  jointed crankbait in a popular fire belly perch pattern.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Culture Days Fish Art Seminar at local Library

 Brushing on paint on smallmouth bass for demonstration of fish print.
 The crowd of interested on lookers sees the start of the fish print.

 The bass has just had a fresh coat of acrylic paint brushed on is now ready for the rice paper.
Kelly proudly shows her finished fish print.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gary Bettman Caricature PORTRAIT

ARTWORK COPYRIGHT Charles Weiss 2013

My portrait of the crisis in NHL Deal for 2012/ 2013 season!

Charles Weiss presents Wood Carving and Painting of Fish

McGregor Park Library presents a seminar
Sat. Sept. 29, 2012 at 2 pm until 3;30 pm

2119 Lawrence Street East in Beautiful Scarborough.
near the intersection of Birchmount Road and Lawrence East.

Meet the contributing artist of "Fishes of Toronto", Charles Weiss
He will explain his original fish acrylic paintings from the booklet and show his step by step process of wood carving fish. Participants will have a opportunity to try a fish print(Japanese Gyotaku)
a traditional form of fish printing, using a real fish on rice paper!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bell Boxes painted this Sunday at Greenwood Subway stop Danforth East Toronto

 This is an inspiring old black and white photograph from an Historical Toronto book by Mike Filey.
I will be re-creating an acrylic and latex painting of this image in a variety of purples ,blues and greeny-yellows. I think this delivery wagon would have been seen along the streets of Torontofrom around 1900 to about  just after the 1945.
 The usual  standard colour of this BELL BOX is brown. I think Toronto deserves a colourful re-design on these boxes. A group of like minded artists will be devoting this weekend to adding orignal art to about 10  BELL BOXES  on East Danforth's Toronto streetscape! This project started in 2009 and has been growing every year with about 40 boxes painted across Toronto.
 The GREENWOOD Subway stop will be the location for the BELL BOX painting. This art work will celebrate the image of a delivery wagon for a Eaton Department store.The art final will be about 48 inches wide and 36 inches high. Look out this  for new art on the East Danforth at the Greenwood  Subway , North side.
 The start of the drawing and purple paint. The border design was added when I saw the art by Denise LaFrance. She created a wonderful winter scene on a Bell Box at Church and Charles streets in downtown Toronto.
 The next step adding the tinted blue.
 Thr rain delayed the finish on Saturday. I was fortunate to get about four hours painting time.
 The last few brush strokes. I added a vivid green simulated Green Wood grain  to the frame around the border.
This is what the plan sketch of the art looked like. I wanted make a bright contrast filled artwork.

Charles Weiss cartoons in new book, "Muskies Still Suck"

 9 Muskietoons are used to illustrate the new Muskies Still Suck.

I enjoyed being part of this project, I thought my art added the best zany appproch to this wonderful book.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chain Pickerel fishing in Nova Scotia

 This is my quick sketch of a chain pickerel. I stopped at the Natural Resources in Milton by the Mersey River. They suggested the "Barr"ponds on the south edge of Liverpool. I caught two of them on small spinners panther martin and Blue Fox. They measured less than 12 inches/ 30 cm in length and had a shiny pale green colour. Each were caught on the first cast to a new spot along the shoreline. Each flipped off the hook before I could take a photograph of them.
 Shallow weedy ponds were the spot that samll yellow perch and minnows could be seen near shore.

 An osprey nest was a surprise.The two birds flew away with protesting calls as I approached.
Justin's Wood Art provided the chance to see a unique shark wood carving is the only toothy predator I saw along the way to Milton in Nova Scotia. He creates a variety of interesting folk art animals including birds, fish and reptiles.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Challenge of painting an ocean

The wave tossed Atlantic Sea was a challenge to express in acrylic paint.I tried to accurately paint the wave action and the waters edge. People were moving around too much to capture with my brush.. Distant .landmarks were added with a few quick strokes of the brush. The final artwork shows my impression of being there and painting on the spot. I was tempted to splash into the water's edge. That is a real salty experience. Perhaps I'll go back again to the beach and try to express the people too

Friday, July 27, 2012

Caricature of Clara Hughes

ARTWORK COPYRIGHT Charles Weiss 2013
Caricature in MIXED MEDIA of Water colour and black ink of the spectacular Canadian  Atlhlete
Clara Hughes zooming along on her racing bicycle

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Different way of painting a muskie

These are some plan views of my painting design for my next muskie wood carving.
 It will be a departure from a realistic style of painting the fish.
I'll be painting a "sunset" of  the both sides fish. There will be a silouette shapes of  pine trees with a calm lake in the background reflecting ragged clouds and sunset colours of pink, purple yellow and orange.  The fish carving will  three dimensional in shape and measure  over 40 inches in length.

This project was inspired by "Muskies on Mainstreet" from the Kenora, Ontario based Lake of the Woods Artist Collective.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

12 new muskie paintings/2013 Classic Muskie Calendar

These are the 12 new colourful paintings featuring Muskie theme scenes for the my 2013 Classic Muskie Calendar.I've created these paintings featuring action filled dramatic moments.
Lures featured:  Muskie Train, Dick Lures, Danny Baits, Willey's Bucktails, Spanky's Baits, Greg Videki's Lures, Northland Lures combined with a First Mate Lures and Gerke's Jerkies

Price  $20. Canadian
Price  $25  United States of America

Please, note the 2013 edition is sold -out

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Wood Walleye

This is my new project . A wood carving of a big 29inch /72.5 cm long Walleye.
It's been quite a project including a miss-adventure with a hand held jig saw.
I take a large brush and paint a medium yellow wash.Then  wash is added with  HOOKER'S GREEN.
 I draw all the scales with a GREY pencil crayon
 Then I add details to the eye and fins and body with OCHRE YELLOW and RAW UMBER.