Friday, August 29, 2014

Second printing of FISHES OF TORONTO Released!

Second printing of 20,000 copies of Fishes of Toronto now availabale for Free
from Toronto, Ontario libraries. Features over 20 of his fish paintings 5 of them full page full colour ! Artist, Charles Weiss will sign and send you a copy if you contact him.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Destination Gaspe Quebec

The Family Reunion for the Levesque  side of the Carleton Sur Mer was a journey  of 1400 kms. each way .Diane and I drove from Ontario (Toronto)  to Carleton sur mer Quebec .

I dove under the water in the Atlantic Ocean at the Quebec, Gaspe.It was cool!

My finished acrylic painting of the morning  fog on the big hills behind Carleton sur mer.

Interesting photo of Night Campfire

Tent glowing with light as Diane reads a book inside.
Sunset of river  at Montmagne.

St. Lawrence River at seaside campground , Montmangne. Quebec.
Matapedia River along the way . ATLANTIC SALMON FISHING AREA!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wood carved Chinook Salmon

This salmon is a life size representation of a 35.5 pound/ 13 kilo fish
41 inches / 101 cm  in length

Detail of the mouth area, jaws and teeth

Layers of pine boards are glued together and fins are added by drilling out sections to attach them.

Painted with acrylic and added plastic realistic "taxidermy"'quality eye .

Detail of scales and fins.