Monday, June 29, 2015

Large Dog Caricatures

Add This was a fun assignment for a rainy afternoon . These large dogs have a zany amount of character.
I really enjoyed the challenge to create their exaggerated likeness.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Musky pontoons on wood carved Bush Plane

 large musky floats on bush plane wood carving
Other species of fish as pontoons will be available in the near future, like lake trout northern pike and sturgeon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Making FISH art that STOPS TRAFFIC

PLAN for the Fishy painting

Across the road from the beach my tree protected traffic control box on Lakeshore Road just south of Woodbine. cr

Painting with exterior latex using a wide bristle brush. Wearing my dashing safety vest.

The front side of the box facing the road is completed. Featuring a bronze Chinook Salmon, Yellow Walleye and mean green Northern Pike.
When I finished at 10  o'clock at night and crossed the street to get the bus home the driver wouldn't let me pay my fair and insisted that I ride free as a small compliment for the fish painting he watched progress as his route passed the box many times.

Yellow Perch on the right side.

Silver Salmon , Smallmouth Bass and Carp

Whitefish on the left side

Adding finishing Touches to the back side of Traffic Control Box

Friday, June 5, 2015

Exciting Nova Scotia June 2015 fishing

16 inches smallmouth bronze back bass and 18 inches of chainsaw pickerel finned fury!
underwater fight!
skid stik on the jaw of the watery

close up chain markings!

Finally the fish is in hand!

Green hair adds to my luck when fishing!

16 inches of shore caught smallmouth bass, 4 inch skid stik was the surface lure it struck.

Diane with another shore caught smallie. High water in the Nova Scotia lake.
All the fish were near the edge of the shore .Sometimes a bass would leap after the surface lure, that was exciting.

The area where the fish were caught!

14 inch chain pickerel had a 7 inch long  in it's stomach.They were good eating, a few small "y" bones were in the meat.