Monday, November 16, 2015

Drawing Caricatures at Holt Renfrew in Toronto's West side

Zany caricature portrait of a woman playing Rugby wearing a "Batman:" costume.

About to draw another caricature at Holt Renfew at the newly renovated Sherway Gardens Mall at the Queensway in weat Toronto

Oh! another zany caricature in progress!

I usually start drawing the hair of the person. It has individual and unique characteristics.

Over the shoulder view while drawng a caricature.

Taking a break from portrait drawing and posing for a selfie with a golden statue of a Nut Cracker soldier

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Moosehead wood carving

The carving was made from bass wood for the main head  and pine for the ears and antlers. I am starting to recieve orders for this carving!

Antlers measure 12 inches/ 30 cm wide.

I createda similar carving f bout 12 years ago. It is on my website in the wood carving section

This is the rough plan drawing of the front and side view for the carving . drawn to the size of the final carving. The head measures 10 inches / 25cm from the back to the front edge of the nose.
My talented wife created a colourful hat and scarf for my wood carved moose head.

The Festive or WINTER moose!


Water's Edge Wildlife Collection Colouring book now available in limited edition quantities

Samples of the drawings I created for my Water's Edge Colouring Book.
Features Largemouth Bass. Black Crappie, Mother Moose and Calf, Brook Trout and Octopus.

Sample drawings from My Colouring Book Water's Edge Wildlife Collection includes;
Muskie, Sunfish, Walleye, Sauger, Yellow Perch, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.

Cover of my Water's Edge Colouring book

26 images for colouring. Featuring a variety of Flora and Fauna
of the Water's Edge World.

Only $8.00 icluding shipping Canadian

Only $12. shipping outside of  CANADA

mention you saw my coloring book on my blog and receive for free my illustrated Fishes of Toronto book!
Please , send order to;
Charles Weiss
34 Hughey Cres. Toronto, Ontario M1k 2v4

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wood Carving Giant Walleye (Yellow Pickerel)

Drawing Plan of Giant Walleye

Thebody is almosty completely carved from basswood  and the fins are cut and shaped from pine.
A 22 cm  manufactured Eye is added

This is a life like carving icluding raised gill cover with carved gills.

Mouth detail with added teeth and top quality eye .
Comparing two carings
;top; 31 inch, length, 19 inch girth weighing approximately 14 pounds  with closed mouth
bottom: 34 inch length,  20 inch girth weighing about 16 and ahalf pounds.

Award wnning  fish carvng titled Walleye Chase includes a yellow perch with a curved red paine plank background.
The carving is complete . Next step is paintng in a realistic way.
scales drawn with a  dark brown umber coloured pencil and clear coated.

mixture of yellow ochre, hooker green , umber and some iredescent siver and bronze.

Detail of the side of the head, fin and scale detail.

Eye and head deatil of acrylic painting.

finished sideview.

Raised gill cover detail of red gills.

Added mouth close up detail