Thursday, April 28, 2011

Portrait of the Happily Wed Royals

ARTWORK COPYRIGHT Charles Weiss 2012

This is my fun caricature portrait of the newly weds The Princ e and Kate!
I drew this with pencil crayon and black marker.11 in x 14 in paper

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New FIRST MATE LURES logo carved from wood

This is a carving I completed last month and delivered to  the Toronto Sportsman Show.
First Mate Lures commissioned this carving as a three dimensional re-creation of their logo which is two dimensional.
This company manufactures fishing lures and accessories that are non-toxic.
They are based in the Ottawa area.
It was a challenge to make the carving as sturdy and durable as possible. They will have it on display at sportshows across central Canada.
Every detail was considered. My wife knitted the net.
It was a fun project.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Northern pike wood carving Carving Magazine #38 APRIL 2012

This is a cool looking customer. A wood carved northern pike. I've recently competed.
It measures 35 in/88 cm in length. My wife caught one like this in June a few years ago on a topwater lure the Rapala Skitter Prop , frog pattern. It was an exciting guided trip to a back country lake in NorthWestern Ontario's Sunset Country (near Vermilion Bay) close to Eagle LAKE.
The fish were really biting! The same day My fish-catching wife caught her largest  smallmouth bass in the same lake. I recommend Vermilion Bay Lodge's guided trips! Book Early,to save a spot in Gord Bastable's busy

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cool looking lures at 2011 St. Catherines Muskie Odyssey April 2011

These are a selection of lures I've recently picked-up and will be included in my 2012 Classic Muskie Calendar. The  top crank baits are from LEO LURES. Next are group of spinners from down in the Lake St. Clair area. HANDLEBARZ LURES, ST.CLAIR HOUND,  Also, Mac Kinnon Tackle from over
in the Muskoka North land featuring a unique glass weight. Next is the double blade spinner from Callandar Bait works from Greg Videcki. This will be added to the salamander creature from Ottawa's FIRST MATE LURES.
Finally it's the large double blade with a giant tube from WATERWOLF LURES from near Belleville.