Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Jerkbait design "the Dragon"

This my new jerkbait design. I call it "the Dragon".
This design has taken 10 years to be finally developed.

Underwater photo of lure. A fish eye view.

The lure measures 10.25 inches in length and 1.5inches in width.
weighs about 2 ounces. I have a large #7 spinner blade added to the tail
this causes the lure to create a gentle fish (pike or muskie) attracting wobble.
This photo shows the two different sizes. The large is 10 inches The smaller size is 8 inches.This lure design has a front diving lip similar to a Believer and the back tail design is like a Suick Thriller Jerkbait. It has a wide wobble and is a bit jerky in it's swimming motion.. I think it willlook like a vulnerable wounded prey fish to a muskie/pike
following  it's action in the water.

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