Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2013 Musky Hunter features my illustrated story

This is my caricature portraits of seven muskie fishing guides featured in a story I wrote for June 2013 Musky Hunter Magazine. I wanted the story to be a little zany and have them all trying to hold up one Giant muskie. The art is similar to what "MAD" magazine would create for their art cartoon style.
If the fish was real it would likely weigh 400 pounds /180 kilos! It's unfortunate the binding of the magazine creased Graham Bristows face.I've included the original art as a way to compare the way the printing was fairly accurate in it's duplication of my image.

The fishing guides include. leftto right Keith Davison, Greg Videki, John Anderson, Graham Bistrow, Terry Van deWauwer, Gord Pyzer and Rodel Misa.

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