Friday, September 7, 2012

Bell Boxes painted this Sunday at Greenwood Subway stop Danforth East Toronto

 This is an inspiring old black and white photograph from an Historical Toronto book by Mike Filey.
I will be re-creating an acrylic and latex painting of this image in a variety of purples ,blues and greeny-yellows. I think this delivery wagon would have been seen along the streets of Torontofrom around 1900 to about  just after the 1945.
 The usual  standard colour of this BELL BOX is brown. I think Toronto deserves a colourful re-design on these boxes. A group of like minded artists will be devoting this weekend to adding orignal art to about 10  BELL BOXES  on East Danforth's Toronto streetscape! This project started in 2009 and has been growing every year with about 40 boxes painted across Toronto.
 The GREENWOOD Subway stop will be the location for the BELL BOX painting. This art work will celebrate the image of a delivery wagon for a Eaton Department store.The art final will be about 48 inches wide and 36 inches high. Look out this  for new art on the East Danforth at the Greenwood  Subway , North side.
 The start of the drawing and purple paint. The border design was added when I saw the art by Denise LaFrance. She created a wonderful winter scene on a Bell Box at Church and Charles streets in downtown Toronto.
 The next step adding the tinted blue.
 Thr rain delayed the finish on Saturday. I was fortunate to get about four hours painting time.
 The last few brush strokes. I added a vivid green simulated Green Wood grain  to the frame around the border.
This is what the plan sketch of the art looked like. I wanted make a bright contrast filled artwork.