Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mural of two Sleepy Otters

The wobble shaped bubble border and the start of acrylic painting .
Starting with highlighting the heads with white and brown.

Variety of brush sizes and a wave cross hatching starting at the top in hues of blue and green

Adding more water and wave colours.

Painting with acrylic washes around the otter shapes

Completely painting around the otters with the water colour changing to green blue to yellow.

The shapes of the otters are being refined .

Additional fur detail has been added with raw umber and ultra marine blue acrylic.

Detail showing the paws holding together their bodies as they sleep.

Adding highlights to the fur and background water.

Artist Charles Weiss poses in front of mural in progress

The client asked for this mural to be placed half way up the wall to be above the edge of the bed in their daughters room.

Original photo reference from Jon Vargas

The black marker drawing in the full size of mural

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