Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 Artist Project Exhibition was great!

The entrance to the 2016 Artist Project has a front installation colorful mural by Happy Sleepy!

Serene and atmospheric painting of a small river on Lake Huron by Jennifer H Clark. The dazzling textured frame is made from  durable paper mache.

Olga Pankova  has a unique approach to the skull and bones paintings

Olga Pankova wonderful animal inspired textured paintings

 Sparkling jewel encrusted  skull of a male white tail deer by Ian Busher

The front entrance had a wall filled with terrific interpretations of the road . Such as this expressive sun filled reflection of a  wet road painting at the Road Trip ART COMPETITION

SNOW COVERED SCULPTURES at the entrance of the Exhibition were very inviting too.

The exhibition featured over 250  contemporary artists from all corner of the North America and England. It was a information filled moment to meet and ask questions directly to the artists.The artist that were attractive to me featured animal inspired art. They include paintings and sculptures of Richard Anhert,  Ian Busher, Kari Serrano, Tim Hough, Olga Pankova and Agata Wisniewski

Wonderful wind filled dog portrait!

Fishy window on surreal looking detail of a truck with Parks Canada sign on door.

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