Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kenny Robinson Comedy Seminar

artwork copyright of Artist Charles Weiss 2014

Legendary Comedian Kenny Pobinson gave an insightful lecture on Black Comedians
 at the Mainstreet Library on Wednesday Feb 5, 2014.
The room was almost filled with eager attendees.
Kenny wearing a shirt with image of Red Fox was jovial and to the point with his comments. 
He began by introducing a rarely known fellow who was black and a translator between the

Aboriginal tribes and European explorers.
He followed this with commments on Jamaican reverse immigration (slaves) in North America.
The seminar included video movie sengments featuruing early  superstars of Comedy including The laziest Man in "Show Biz". and "Stepn Fetch it" The lecture was informative and funny at times.
It was a good way to enjoy a Cold february evening at the library.

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