Friday, August 23, 2013


 It was a day in mid August when Gerry and Rick invited me to join them for a day of fishing on Lake Scugog in South Central Ontario on the bottom edge of the Kawartha Lake chain near the town of Port Perry.

  8:16 am Gerry picked me up at the Whitby Go Train station and together we drove up from there.We met Rick at the public boat launch dock on the westside of Scugog Lake .
 9:45 am were on the water . The sky was starting to get dark in the west, Rain clouds wereon their way.
 We went up to the top of Scugog's big island near a red marker bouy and started a trolling pass with one line per an fisherman. We were pulling spinnerbaits with single hooks. I was warned treblehook lures would get caught in the dense aquatic vegetation (milfoil, potamageton and Richardson's pond weed).  Surface water was almost 75 F degrees. wind was from the West and slightly North.
Rain was starting to fall.
9:55 amWe were making a sharp turn at the end of a trolling pass and I was holding my rod when a sudden jerk and throbbing strike made me aware of a strong muskie had bit my spinnerbait. A Grim Reaper double blade was thelure my muskie couldn't resist! The netting of the fish was dramatic. The muskie jumped and showed itself to be almost 3 feet/ 90 cm long.
The net we landed it with was about 24 inches/ 60 cm across almost too small fit the muskie. Rick did a good job of landing by flipping it like a spatula with a pancake. Gerry took some first rate photograhs of the fish . It was Quickly photographed and released  Length of 34.5 inches/ 85 cm. It 's been 9 years since I LAST CAUGHT A MUSKIE ON SCUGOG LAKE!
Only 15 minutes on the water and already I caught a muskie!
We turned the boat around and went over to Doug's lake side house and got a larger net and waited for the rain to stop.

 4 HOURS LATER The weather was sunny.

 Rick caught and released a wonderful Walleye/Pickerel  25 inch/ 63cm th  13 iches/ 34 cm girth
This fish was very sneaky, it had struck the only rod with  a reel that had not turned  had the drag
"clicker" turned -on. We were bck in the same spot I caught my muskie at the top of THE CARNAGIE BASIN. We were alarmed to see Rick's reel slowly unspooling with almost half of all the line gone. Rick took almost a minute to get the line reeled in. He said he felt a fish struggling at the end of the line. I thought it was just alot of weeds stuck on his spinnerbait?
The fish bit a large spinnerbait with two orange blades. The lure was intended to be a target for muskie  but it's evidence that a walleye can be caught in 6 feet / 2 metres of water on a sunny day at Scugog Lake.  Fishing can be unpredictable. You just never know what will bite next.... I wonder when Gerry will catch a fish ...

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