Sunday, August 28, 2011

12 new muskie paintings in mY 2012 cLASSIC mUSKIE cALENDAR

Order 2012 Classic Muskie Calendar
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Charles Weiss
34 Hughey Crescent,
Toronto, Ontario
 M1K 2V4

 TOP ROW; left to right

1."New Brunswick Giant"  2. "Something in the water" 
 3. "Lily Pad Panic"  4. "Waterwolf Surfacing"

SECOND ROW left to right
1. "Flying Tiger"  2. "Chasing a Swim "n Shad"
3. "Sting the Bling"  4. "Dancing through the reef"

 BOTTOM ROW  left to right
1. "Emerging from the weeds"  2." First Salamander bite"  3. "Timber Tangle" 4 "Nesting in Jaws"
ARTWORK COPYRIGHT Charles Weiss 2012

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